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C.O.R.E Promotional Video

C.O.R.E Promotional Video

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Community Outreach Relief Effort uses entertainment as a platform to raise awareness and funds for charitable and educational causes.

As philanthropic entertainers, our MISSION is to sponsor, produce, and collaborate on charitable and educational projects while inspiring through the Arts.

We partner with those that stand out for making positive efforts in the community. We offer aid and assistance by donating time, goods and services to those in need or underprivileged. We volunteer physical labor, initiate programs, fundraisers, and/or organize and gather collections.

Our biggest fundraiser is the Bacchanal Carnival rock operetta, currently being built.
While doing our "hands-on" charity work, we also raise awareness and funds through our benefit production. We get to nurture the spirits with creativity and distraction of the drudgeries/mundane. It has the potential to stimulate the mind leaving it reflective, hopeful, and motivated.

Our VISION is to tour our show, with all proceeds we collect going toward the presentation, and local charities in an area, that stand out for making a difference.

Assistance and aid is the primary goal of our organization; our show being the vehicle that helps us travel to different communities and bring attention to  causes.


Our PURPOSE is educating and healing through the humanities and arts.

We take our production to different cities encouraging those who don’t usually get the chance to partake in such cultural experiences, have the opportunity. It is open to everyone in each community to attend. It is a social gathering that can bring together any who want to be entertained and inspired, while raising awareness for good causes.

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