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Extended Team:

Special Thanks goes to

Tory Harris: Sound Engineer/Musician, Brett Segal of Segal Brothers Productions, David Lee Redding, Courtney Opsatnick, Krsnaa Fitch, Amber Russo, Nickie Whaley, Joseph Henderson, Daniel Bainbridge, Meg Taylor and Wilson Stern have been wonderful music consultants or helpful as music contributors.


Gina Van Epische, David Barnes & Jennifer Polkowski have all been fantastic and helpful as wardrobe/design and consultant/contributors. 

Dancers Tiffany Lee & Taylor Dumdei


Chris Avery and Sade Reed as artistic collaborators and conceptual artists.

Diana Bermudez for assisting with graphic design and advertisement brochures.


Eric Hill at Xerographic for all of his printing assistance and skills.

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