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The Bacchanal Carnival is an allegorical, morality rock operetta (a play with a strong moral message), presenting a continuous story line told over multiple lyrical pieces. It is an eclectic collection of varying musical theatrical genres consisting of Calliope, Lullaby/Caribbean, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip-hop Pop, Rock n Roll, Elizabethan Renaissance, Indian Ballad, Romanian~ Gypsy violin in Ciprian scale, Celtic, Blues, Gospel, Soul, Industrial Metal, Reggae Ska.


It is the story of Everyman on his journey through the celestial circus.
His birth, adolescence, midlife, adulthood, death and “re-birth”.
It follows his road to revelation and redemption.

This is his life told through manifestations of his mind, (represented by different characters like a Gargoyle, Gothic Scotsman, Skeleton, etc.). Each manifestation presents itself in a different musical style, helping demonstrate Everyman's changing life cycle and internal psychological growth.


His entire life he is searching for his purpose, his raison d'être (reason for being). Due to the circumstances that happen to him, he becomes very self-involved and all about his own interest.

His sole focus becomes; HIS goals, HIS needs and HIS purpose.
It takes “his Death", to realize that there is more involved in this world than just one’s own self.


He gets a second chance and becomes an advocate for the downtrodden, a champion for the less fortunate. He now devotes himself to the betterment of others rather than being consumed by selfishness and greed.

Intro - Bacchanal Carnival
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We hope that our musical theatric presentation can parallel our mission statement, which is a realization of importance, and of becoming involved. It is about leaving the world a better place because you were in it, and making a conscious effort to be the change you want to see in the world.