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Currently we are in greatest need of talented artists in the fields of:

 * Music

 * Animation

 * Lighting

 * Projection Design

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in learning more, please contact us at:

Volunteers and Interns 

* Day-to-day operations.

 * Assist with any of CORE’s donation drives, collections and civic engagement (at least be willing to transport items to recipients).

 * Help set up booths, presentations, and or shows.

 * Be a representative of C.O.R.E., assisting our advertisement and marketing department in soliciting potential sponsors and partners, fundraising, and charity projects.

 * Assist with any updates needed to our website or other social media outlets (any application of computers and telecommunications equipment is a huge bonus and need).

Become a CORE Emissary! 

The Community Outreach Relief Effort Emissary is a volunteer organization of dynamic individuals who serve as advocates for CORE and share a passion for helping others, education, theater, and the arts. Its purpose is to support CORE by organizing parties, fostering a sense of community, donating time/money/items and increasing awareness of Core within the community.

Some of the benefits and commitments for members of the CORE Emissary's include:

* Attending CORE rallies/fundraisers.

 * Sponsoring opening night cast and crew parties for all shows.

 * Members can attend this private party with the cast and crew.

 * Networking at monthly meetings and meeting the staff and creative team CORE.

 * Creating community awareness of CORE.

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