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Community Outreach Relief Effort is currently working in Jacksonville, Fl, with our target being mentoring, entertainment, leadership and life coaching/management workshops for at-risk youth. 

We’re wanting to offer them opportunities and Yes’s, instead of them just continuing to hear No’s.

C.O.R.E.’s president Blu Fogarty, is personally spearheading the establishment of these workshops where everyone’s objectives differ and gear towards their own level of achievement, listening to their individual needs, and areas of interests. At times containing group service/ goodwill projects and team-building activities.

He's working with Danielkids to offer an enriching environment, where participants work on independent living tools, techniques and social skills.

Workshops so far have included: Cooking well on a budget, Creating your professional portfolio package, Budgeting and saving your money, Nailing your interviews, Confidence using primary and power tools, and a series on Becoming a successful Makeup artist.


In the future we hope to present: Being comfortable with basic vehicle maintenance, and simple home recording and sound engineering. 

Our goal is that these young adults will engage and be comfortable while encouraging each other to do the same. Teaching how all may prosper, and grow, Together~

“No one ever achieves greatness soley by themselves. It takes teamwork, determination, and a willingness to commit and go for it.” Blu said.

“I’d like us to become accountability buddies for each other. Not only will we be greater for it, we can help those next to us become that also.”


Some of Blu’s strengths center on career searching, with a strong focus on building resumes, cover letters, and discussing opportunities for internships. This can include creating personal portfolio packages, working on building and maintaining a network, and introducing first-hand accounts of types of “cold-calls” and “ask letters”.

We brainstorm about what we want to do in life and the next steps it might take getting there. 

“Manifest it and make it so”. The clearer the details, the easier the task. 

“We teach that you can always change your mind and direction, but having a road map is essential for reaching a destination. Those plans will allow us to recover quickly no matter the detours we ourselves throw, or obstacles others place in our path.”


CORE ultimately wants to instill a sense of pride and ownership in the youths’ efforts, and also a level of accountability when falling short of their own personal goals.

“Mr. Blu Fogarty, was a volunteer that served children at the Sulzbacher Center for Homeless with the tutoring program. He demonstrated a commitment to empowering our children to succeed in academics. He exhibied a self-discipline character that was polite and respectful.  He was always willing to do whatever was asked of him and showed consistently a need to help our children complete homework assignments, and computer assistance. He is dependable, communicates well with the children, and very resourceful in seeing things that needs to be done and takes appropriate action without being so directed. Mr. Fogarty is a wonderful role model for the Sulzbacher Children’s Program.”

~Maxine Engram (Children’s Program Manager at the Sulzbacher Center)  

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